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just like u_polymer clay, epoxy, toy_11*12*15cm_2008 


www.kunstwerk-carlshuette.de / www.nordart.de
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Kunst in der Carlsh__te gGmbH
Non-profit art and cultural organisation of
the ACO Group and the towns of B__elsdorf and Rendsburg
Address: Am Ahlmannkai, 24782 B__elsdorf, Germany
NordArt address: Vorwerksallee, 24782 B__elsdorf, Germany
Director: Wolfgang Gramm, Volker Doelling
Chairman of the supervisory board: Hans-Julius Ahlmann
Legal form: gGmbH, Registred: B__elsdorf, HRB 2120


Promise_Daniel Kyong 

Human beings keep searching for and imagine other worlds, rather than the world where we live now. Often, we human beings strive for an Utopian dream land. The sea is the nostalgically place where we want to be back as well as where imaginary entities live with us. My utopian world is under the sea inhabited by imaginary entities whom I want to be then embody to create my work. So, I looked into them minutely in order to find out the message, "Promise", which might be given by imaginary entities. As a baby takes after parents while growing, cherishing someone in mind leads to being put in the process of proceeding with just resembling that somebody. I look at the image that a small sea fish swims leisurely in the sea. As these beautiful and small fishes proceed with living in the great water called the sea, Daniel wants to proceed with living in somebody's big breast. The mind, which tries to proceed with taking after somebody, doesn't occur easily unless believing and trusting that somebody. What cherishes, believes, and trusts somebody in mind might be thought to depend on emotion. However, a definite promise is there, and this promise is based on rationality. Daniel was promised by that somebody whom people recognize as imaginary entity, there by being able to proceed with walking inside the process of just resembling him. However, given really confronting crisis while difficulty is close at hand, believing his promise is not what is easy. Given having looked at rationally, the promise was what aims to surely keep, but is ever agitated and shaken largely in front of crisis by Daniel's imagination and emotion. The uncontrollably negative imaginations and irrelevant thoughts, in which uneasiness is formed itself by making and imagining in advance the non-happened matters, come to allow Daniel to be locked further in uneasiness and fear. The world uses this emotion. A change in feeling leads to proceeding with fostering belief of trusting somebody or another belief with saying of being able to change even in any situation. In the face of having been firmly promised on the basis of rationality, not of emotion without ground, this emotion leads to allowing belief in him to be shaken, and to changing a feeling, thereby resulting in becoming a state that even self cannot know. In this situation, Daniel aims to acquire a skill of sticking to a promise with him to the end, which once accepted and believed even if a feeling is changed anyway.

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