Exhibition on Death

It is very natural to think what death means to one’s life. The moment that brings an urge to die is different for each individual. All humans die. We are fundamentally placed in the middle of a life running toward death. Realizing the fact that we all will die is a part of process of growth. We will all get rusted with the sound of aging and turn into a handful of ashes, permanently disappearing from this world. Therefore, it is very important to contemplate the limited time allowed for us.


-Issue of Death and Meaning



Many people fall into futile sentiment because of such cognition that life is not eternal but it comes to an end eventually. Does death really take meaning of life, however? Death does not take meaning of life. Rather, it gives meaning to one’s life.



Jesus Christ had ‘The Last Supper’ with his loving ones on the verge of death and prophesied his own death. If there is nothing to gladly die for, no one could lead a fulfilling life; if no relation is made with one’s own death, no one could live a life with confidence and courage. Those who attended in the Last Supper had something to willingly die for; the octopuses living in the white shoes decorated with jewelries are shedding light to the place of the Last Supper as a chandelier. Here lies the life as a shedding light with something to gladly die for. 




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